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Welcome to my site. Displayed here are a collection of ideas and works-in-progress.

Mechanical sketchbook


Space Rover.

Aqua Mech

This design was inspired by Dougram machreal aquatic mecha.  I'm not sure how useful such a piece of equipment would be but I have been periodically obsessed with designing a submarine mech.

Scout Cruser

A mobile outpost capable of supporting a crew far from civilization for extended periods of time.

illustration narative imagery and sketches.


abandonware art drawings and 3d based on old p.c. games I used to play.

Starflight ISS departing the starport

Download High Rez PDF 18x36 inch poster

Starflight Thrynn sketches

3d printing

Starfilght ISS

Dougram Ironfoot / Battletech Thunderbolt

All parts modled from refrence images. It took many dozens of print attempts to get decent parts.

Estes C-size 'Lander'

Original Mech Design fully posable

Choper/Fighter Convertable